This blog was established in 27 October 2011 (formerly known as Malaymoviesfull.net), in the same month this blog is specially made to provide you with the latest movie to be streaming without download. Our hope you are all satisfied when visiting this blog and will always visiting this blog. Do not forget to suggest this blog to your friends. Thanks all ….
If you have any enquiries, please email us at malaymoviesfull@yahoo.com.

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  1. minta tolong dari admin…mcm mana nk tgk filem2 yang ade…dah dah cuba update media player tapi masih x dpt tgk filem…

    • Utk tgk filem, klik Watch now tunggu 5 saat n klik Skip Ad kat kanan atas..Dlm site linkbucks tunggu 5 saat n klik Skip this ad

  2. minta tlg admin..drama sedetik cinta boleh upload tak? Saya dah pergi website lain tapi tk dpt carik..kalau takde drama sedetik cinta takpe

  3. Salam, admin. Tolong upload cerita Mencari Bidadari.. Cerita teramat saya minat. Kenangan tontonnya dgn Arwah atuk, tolong ye. terima kasih

    • Just tested and the link can be open. To watch, click Watch Now logo n wait 5 seconds and click Watch Now logo again in malaysiadailydiscount website..

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